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Big Lots is in Big Trouble »

Big Lots is in Big Trouble

posted November 14

Last night I was changing up the layout when Sam pulled me over to do some last minute shopping. I refused to go anywhere near a store because I have been saving up for a new computer, and being inside a store puts me in a bad position of ‘well hey, it’s only $6! hey, that’s only $5, damn that’s $10!!’ and then I end up leaving with half the aisle. But on a Saturday night after being home all day – you’re pretty much up for anything. Even if it involves annoying people, children on the loose and bad customer service.

I do have some kind of a life, just decided not too utilize it after a long week.

Anyway so we go into Big Lots – pretty much a smaller (and very orange) version of Walmart. I walk in and I immediately notice all the little kiddies running around, then I see that they’re wearing little Big Lot shirts. I know that they’re not wearing this as a fashion statement and then I think “wow, looks like half of middle school is working here”. Did they cut down on the age of labor? Kids are going to be working at Big Lots before they learn to read or become potty trained.

It didn’t even feel like a professional store environment, more like “omg hey don’t I know you from lunch time, you wanna suntan on this piece of furniture we are also trying to sell??” All the ‘workers’ (I use this loosely because in JessicaLand chit chatting with your friends does not constitute as working) were hanging around, taking a break every now and then because it really is hard to stock 5 boxes of poptarts in a row. Oh and I passed an aisle where one employee was talking on the phone. That was funny.

NOWWWW here is the best part! We get to the front with all our stuff and we have no idea where to go. There is the weirdest register setup…it’s like there’s a flashing light and then nothing in front of it and then a cash register comes out of nowhere. I just wanted to go knock the light out and then find myself somewhere to pay otherwise I am leaving with the stuff. So we wait in what seems to be a line because we see some lady at her register, but she is talking to her fellow register employee. I figure maybe they’re talking about something wrong with the register since they sure as hell AIN’T USING THE DAMN THING so we sit and wait and I hear snippets like OMGGG no way!! OMGG HEHEHEHE

Sam, Lisa and I were in disbelief. We were waiting in line for this lady to wrap up her conversation with her co-worker. She clearly saw us but continued talking. After waiting for five or so minutes Sam finally asked, “is this register open?” to which she said YES – (talked a bit more after this) then actually rung us up. I wanted to be like OHHH I’m so sorry for interrupting your important conversation about Billy cheating on your sister but I just had to pay for some stuff so that this store can stay in decent business and you won’t lose your job despite not actually it being a job but more of a social gathering where you just wear ugly shirts and talk to your friends all day.

OHHH and I made new watercolor brushes and will be fixing the layout. Slowly…



  1. So true. I don’t go to Big Lots much — I think one time the L was missing from the neon lights sign, making an interesting new store name, go figure — it’s like entering a garage sale organized by kids :(

    Jessica posted this November 14 * # Reply

  2. I am no fan of Big Lots either :S Sorry for all the trouble you had to go through!

    Melissa posted this November 15 * # Reply

  3. The layout looks fantastic ! I would LOVE to learn how to do it, and I’m looking forward to the new brush set, take care :)

    Love, a big fan.

    Charlotte posted this November 15 * # Reply

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