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Layout In Progress

posted May 18

I’m slowly putting up a new layout. Live editing going on, so don’t freak yourself out. Because if you freak yourself out, you’ll freak me out too.
Please excuse my bad coding skills – but this might take a while, ha ha.

Update: About an hour later, I am slowly making progress. Key word: slowly. I feel like a really old person trying to climb up a flight of stairs with orthopedic shoes. But look, I made the date move to the left. Yayyyy!!


Become a fan on Facebook

posted March 15

Okay so uhhh I made a facebook fan page for It’s totally lame eh? I agree but you know what Lady Gaga has one and she’s pretty much a weirdo so I feel like I should have one too because I’m freakin SANE as hell. I leave the house WITH pants on and guess what? I don’t sing about telephones in the club and have my music video set in a freakin prison with random people licking my face.
Besides that way we can all be CONNECTED~ you know what I’m sayin.

You can join right here and if you don’t I’ll be severely depressive and you don’t want that….that would end up with a lot of dark and emo updates like HERE IS A SET OF BLACK BLOOD SMEAR BRUSHES THAT I MADE AFTER I CUT MYSELF WITH MY DADS RAZOR CUZ NO ONE JOINED MY FACEBOOK PG.

I’m not sure why I did this but it looked neat at the time. 5 minutes later I’m asking myself why I made the page anyway. I better get with the times~ LOL @ me and ‘the times’. I feel like I’m in an episode of the Flinstones.

IF I DONT HAVE 500 FANS BY TOMORROW IM GONNA CRY MYSELF TO SLEEP. Okay well not tonight but tomorrow for sure. I have a box of kleenex right next to me here ready for wiping and I can take a picture of it and put it on myspace if you don’t believe me.
Hehehe byeeee :D


The Office Quotes

posted January 16

The Office quotes. My favorite show. I am obsessed, yeah, so what???? I want to grow up to be like Dwight, cept without all that knowledge of useless stuff – and bears.
I just rounded up a few quotes I found amusing :)

(Dwight trying to sell paper to a company)
“Here’s my card. It’s got my cell number, my pager number, my home number and my other pager number. I never take vacations, I never get sick and I don’t celebrate any major holidays.”

(Michael on having a party for Oscar coming back to the Office)
“I think we need to celebrate Oscar’s mexicanity.”

(Michael making a video to his future son to see after he dies)
“And remember no matter what I will always love you.”
“What if he’s a murderer?”
“He’s not gonna be a murderer.”
“Maybe that’s how you die.”

And yes, I will be putting up a new layout. This is just a template. Yeah, heh.


Lisa will get her phone taken away

posted January 06

School is right around the corner and I am gonna be SCREWED. There is no other way to explain this.

Let’s just see if I even wake up to school cause right now I sleep at 4 am and I wake up at 1 pm. This is not the right way to live. I can blame this on facebook and uh, some select people. :D My sleeping pattern is worse than those animals that hibernate for years and live in caves. I might as well hibernate and live in a cave now.

Before I go to school I would appreciate it if Lisa would not text me while she’s at school to update me on her high school dramz/life, and even the new substitute in her class that sucks (surprise surprise). What could you possibly text me about HS that I don’t already know???? If there is a huge whale in the hallway or there is a masked killer locked inside the school, YAH I WANNA KNOW THAT!!!!!! But if it’s about the greasy cheese roll at the cafeteria that’s overpriced by 25, no thanks. Furthermore, when I text her back, I’m sitting there thinking okay I have at least 2-3 minutes to BREATHE before she texts me back, right?

Lisa texts back like a freakin milisecond after I text her. I’m like how in the hell does her message fly through the sky this fast? RIGHT when I click send BAM my phone blows up. I’m like who the heck is texting now? Behold, it is Lisa! Dang girl take a break!

Oh and I watched avatar on Monday, amazing movie! I was getting kinda antsy in my seat for those 3 long hours but I got through :) It’s kind of amazing how 60% of the movie was all CG work and animation….flawless stuff, really. God I have no idea how they do that stuff, let alone where the hell they filmed it. I know wherever they shot the flying land pieces is where I’ll be living but I’m pretty sure it doesn’t exist. Did someone else think of Laputa: Castle in the sky when this shot came by? I will be so impressed if someone knew what I was talking about here!

James Cameron, you are a genius. You need to come have an arabic breakfast at my house (bring that camera of yours plz and an avatar). Just sayin~