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Create a Brush Stroked Graphic Image »

Create a Brush Stroked Graphic Image

  1. Start off by making a 800 (width) by 700 (height) document. Fill it with the color #ededed.
  2. Now take this image and paste it into your document. I scaled it down a bit (CTRL + T) by making it about 76.6% in width and height (to be quite specific). You can simply type in the numbers and it will do the scaling for you. Just press enter once you’re done.
  3. Put the entire picture in the center and then go to your selection tool. Now usually when we cut out pictures I would encourage everyone to use the pen tool because it just is more accurate, but the selection tool works just as well if you know how to work the settings. Of course, it is also wayyy faster and really if I were you I wouldn’t want to be cutting out flowers with the pen tool, it’s death.
  4. Select the outsides of the picture and go to Refine Edge.
  5. I like to select the red overlay so I can see clearly how the picture will be cut. It’s pretty precise and easy to see. Now match your settings to mine. Go ahead and delete the selection and you should be left with a nicely cut picture.
  6. Now we’re going to set this picture to grayscale. Go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation and set the saturation all the way back to -100.
  7. The picture looks quite flat as it is, so we’re going to add some contrast and depth by going to Image > Adjustments > Brightness/Contrast. Set the Brightness to +30 and the Contrast to +100.
  8. Last but not least, we are going to add some sharpness to the image. Go to Filter > Sharpen > Unsharp Mask.
    Amount: 50 – Radius: 1.0 – Threshold: 0
  9. Now, create a vector mask for the picture.
  10. Fill it with the color black. After you do this the picture should suddenly disappear, but it’s okay because that’s what we’re going for here. We are going to use BRUSHES to kind of MASK the image, if you will.
  11. Using this brush set, (by Craig Shields for this tutorial) select a brush and make sure the color of it is WHITE. We are going to now create the image based on our brushes. To be very specific, I’ll be using this brush first.
  12. Now begin to use the brush and get a nice texture going. I like to resize my brush to smaller sizes and switching back to black and deleting parts in the middle, then going over them again in white to get more of an erased type of texture. When you switch back to black, you are ERASING, when you are using a white brush, you are ADDING back the picture. So experiment.

  13. After you come up with something you like, make a new raster layer (CTRL + SHIFT + N).
  14. Using the same brush we began with, in the color #f40500 stamp the brush across the face of the model. I re-sized the brush a little so it’s not so huge, so whichever works for you. Set the layer to Multiply.
  15. Now using the eraser tool, take the SAME brush and erase parts of this.
  16. Make another new raster layer, but this time UNDERNEATH the picture. I used a nice and bright #12f8f0 color and added one of the bulkier stroked brushes.
  17. Make a layer on TOP of the graphic, and then using the same blue color (SET THE LAYER TO COLOR BURN), add another stroke and use the erasing method.

  18. Make a new raster layer on TOP of the graphic, then go back to the red color and add a stroke on top. Then erase.

  19. Next I added some floral brushes (new layer on TOP of the graphic) you can find in the brush section of the site. Set those to Color Burn in #f40500. Erase away with the stroke brush.
  20. Add some splatters in, any splatters will do. The ones I’ve used are from my site and can be found in the brush section. The layer setting I used for these brushes is Color Burn (using the same blue and red colors as above).
  21. Take some of my word brushes and using the color black (or a dark grey) stamp some across the face of the model. Then erase accordingly.

  22. Make a new raster layer, drag it to the top. Now select a circular round brush (0% hardness and 300 px size), set the layer to screen and put it in random places on the model.
  23. Make a new raster layer, drag it UNDER the graphic. Using a 1px round circle brush (100% hardness) draw a squiggly line across the graphic.
  24. Using the SMUDGE tool, go over some parts of the line to smudge it.

  25. To finish it all off, take this texture and paste it on top of the graphic. Make sure you turn it on it’s side first (rotate it by using CTRL + T and turning). Once you’re done go to Image > Adjustments > Hue/Saturation. Set the lightness to +68 and the Saturation to -100. Then set the layer to Multiply.

  26. Now add some fancy text of your own and you’re all done!
    See the final version.

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  1. WOW, I’M GONNA TRY IT! :)

    roelinda posted this January 23 * # Reply

  2. This is truly beautiful. I have never seen somehting like this done out, only in print and ads. Very nicely done, and props for being up that late to! :)

    Atria posted this January 23 * # Reply

  3. Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy going through the tutorial :)

    Jessicaposted this January 23 // # Reply

  4. I love you for this tutorial. lol, it looks so amazing but its so easy to make __

    Angel posted this January 23 * # Reply

  5. Aww I love you toooo ;)

    Jessicaposted this January 24 // # Reply

  6. Fun, easy tutorial. Don’t think mine came out as good as yours but for any reference, :P Thanks!

    Brooke posted this January 23 * # Reply

  7. Wow I really like this! Nice choice of colors

    Jessicaposted this January 24 // # Reply

  8. OHMYLANTA!!!!
    I’m doing this right now!

    Chris posted this January 23 * # Reply

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    The final result looks like ke$ha! =D

    Mr Hoax posted this January 23 * # Reply

  10. This looks awesome, I’ll try it once I learn PS better. xD

    Victoria posted this January 24 * # Reply

  11. here’s my attempt<3

    Kp posted this January 24 * # Reply

  12. Did you even follow the tutorial? lol.

    asdf posted this January 24 * # Reply

  13. Not word-for-word, but I tweaked it to my own satisfaction. Without Jess’ staying up late to make this, I wouldn’t have made it regardless if it looks like I used the tutorial or not, haha. I thought it was pretty cool looking.

    Btw, thanks for all you do, Jess! We all love you & you’re amazing<3

    Kp posted this January 24 * # Reply

  14. Your strokes go in too many directions. Try to keep it simple. It makes it hard to focus on the actual product with chaos everywhere.

    Amanda posted this April 25 * # Reply

  15. I love it! :)

    Shellybear posted this January 25 * # Reply

  16. This is very useful, the effects and outcome are very nice.

    Krysten posted this January 26 * # Reply

  17. there is something wrong with brush. I can not download :(

    Monique posted this January 27 * # Reply

  18. Thank you for making this tutorial! Here’s my result (:

    Lily posted this January 30 * # Reply

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    Lily posted this February 01 * # Reply

  20. heres my 2 outcomes!

    thnx for the tuts!
    i made them in GIMP btw..

    Ginoe posted this February 01 * # Reply

  21. Thank you so much for making this awesome tutorial! It is so easy to follow and the outcome is truly fantastic. ♥
    My current layout header bases on this tutorial. Credit can be found here: Keep up that GREAT work :)

    Kristina posted this February 03 * # Reply

  22. DEFINITELY going to try this tomorrow!! All the outcomes looked VERY beautiful. =]

    Tash. posted this February 06 * # Reply

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    sooo sooo good :)

    sian posted this February 22 * # Reply

  26. I must not be doing something right… o.O step 4, and 5 don’t seem to be working for me. I select the picture, press Refine Edge, set the settings, press the red option, press OK, then nothing happens. Am I doing something wrong?

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    Rachel posted this March 18 * # Reply


    Used tutorial, thanks :D

    Gwen posted this April 11 * # Reply

  29. Hey Jess! So I’m using PSP 9 and usually I can translate it decently well… but is there an equivalent for “Refine Edges” in PSP 9?

    Dani posted this April 21 * # Reply

  30. Thank you so much for this awesome tutorial. I tried it myself but without as much ‘detail’. I kept it simple.
    <a href=“”/></a>

    Ambar posted this April 25 * # Reply

  31. how are you suppose to do this it never works for me do i have to download the other kind??

    Karrisa posted this May 01 * # Reply

  32. I ache to do this tutorial, but the brushes don’t work anymore :/ Anyone who got them?

    Bee posted this May 04 * # Reply

  33. i tried it but not with a close-up picture and it was before school so i kinda rushed.. :P
    but thanks for the awesome tutorial!
    here’s mine;

    Quyen posted this May 08 * # Reply

  34. hi i just finish my art WOW 0-0 i luv it didn’t think i had it in me and it was so easy here is a link to my pic…

    Robovin Hunt posted this May 11 * # Reply

  35. I’m having a hard time looking for the brush..But thnx for the tutorial.. It’s really nice!

    fatz18 posted this May 22 * # Reply

  36. hellO! i’m really amazed by your tutorials :D and it really helps me a lot in designing :) big thanks to you jess :D

    babylyn posted this June 02 * # Reply

  37. This tutorial was amazing, and I’m glad I tried it, it was easy to do and explained very well :)

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    Alyssa posted this September 27 * # Reply

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  44. awesome tut (: i have just one problem
    my laptop wont let me use the brushes stupid thing <3

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    I’m really pleased with how it came out—thank you so much! (:

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