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Hidden Girl Layout »

Hidden Girl Layout

This layout was made in paint shop pro. You can easily convert this to Photoshop if you are familiar with it!
You will be learning step by step how to create layouts like me! Simply follow the steps and you’re on your way to creating better layouts and picking up on new tips!

First we need to pick out the appropriate pictures. The thing I look at is the color and quality of each picture. I usually use greyscaled photos because they are very flexible to work with and I can use different color schemes with them – in contrast to pictures in color where I’m limited and have to match certain colors. Another important thing is the interest factor of each picture. It needs to be very interesting because pictures really do make the layout! I came across this picture from the modelcouture livejournal community and will be using it in this tutorial. Click here to get the picture.

So after you’ve copied your picture go to your program and make a new document with the dimensions 800×800 (I usually use those because it leaves me alot of room). Fill the background with the color #E2E3E7.

Now once you’ve done that you can now press CTRL L and your picture should now appear on your background. Go to your layer palette and name that layer Big Girl. The next thing we are going to do is make the layout interesting by using repetition. In most cases all you’ll have to do is resize it (there is a tutorial on that, click here) but I’ve already resized it for you so just click here to get the 2nd picture.

You will notice the picture will be smaller. After that copy and press CTRL L on your main background and it should be pasted right onto the bigger picture. Go to your layer palette and name that layer Little Girl. Now we are going to arrange it like so:

Now we must style the edges of the picture. One thing I tend to do is use textured brushes as erasers and erase the sides so it looks very grungey. I will supply you with the brush I’m going to be using (it’s from All you have to do is copy and paste this into your program and create it as a brush.

Now select the eraser tool and select that brush you just created. Go around the edges of the Big Girl layer first! (I’m using the brush at a rotation of 75)

Once you have the brush set click about 4 times and everything should be erased. It should look like this:

Now do the same thing but select the Little Girl layer and position the brush over that picture:
Brush Rotation 75

Brush Rotation 195

Brush Rotation 323

After you’re done it should look like this:

Before we move on we must finish erasing. Go back to your Big Girl layer and erase the upper top of the picture.

Now we are going to start making the layout look nice. We are going to start by adding some effects.

Make a new raster layer under the Big & little girl layers. Name it Bubble. Now go to your material palette and select the color #BDFF09. Go to your Brush tool and select the circle and match your settings to mine:

After you’ve done that go to your Bubble layer and add the brush (with the green color) right under the little girl picture like so:

Select your pen tool and match your settings to mine: (using the DIAMOND line)

Make sure you x out the green color so that it doesn’t fill in the line

After that just draw little out-of-control lines on your layout like mine. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just make it look nice!

If you want to draw more lines just right click on your image and select New Drawing Object and start a new one.

After I’ve drew another line I thought it was enough. Now while having the Vector layer highlighted, go to layers > convert to raster layer and your Vector layer should now be a raster! Rename it to Line.

Now make a new raster layer and name it Brush. Apply your favorite splatter brushes on the layout using the color black. Arrange this layer so it’s right on top of the Bubble layer. The splatter brushes I used can be found on the site (in the visitor > brushes section) so you can look there for some! After I applied them my layout looked like this:

After that select some Bullseye brushes which can also be found on my site. Make a new raster layer on top of the Brush layer and name it Bullseye. Place them in big and small variations next to each other much like this: (also in a black color!)

Make a new raster layer and name it Box. Drag this layer to the top. Use your selection tool to make a box in the middle of both pictures and fill it with the color #BDFF09. Set it to Multiply after you’re done. It should look like this:

Make a new raster layer and name it Checkers. Drag this raster layer on top of the Background layer. So it should be all the way at the bottom under the Bubble layer. For this step you will need a checkered pattern. If you don’t already have one check out Krissy’s site because she has some!. So once you’ve got the pattern go to your material palette and select your pattern instead of the color.

Like the previous step, select your brush tool then the round tool and match your settings to mine:

After that apply the brush to the sides of the pictures like you see here:

Once you’re done with that set the layer to Dissolve.
Your layer palette should look like this now:

Make another raster layer and name it Random. Place it in between the Brush and Bubble layers. For this layer I will be placing some text brushes behind the little girl picture and some more little splatters (can be found on the site). You can use any other text brushes you want (just be creative).

Make another new raster layer and name it Watercolor. Place it on top of the Random layer. For this I will be using another one of Henri’s brushes ( Take the following picture and make it into a brush:

Apply the brush right under the little girl picture. Press it 2 times so it looks dark enough. You might have to rotate the brush to get the other sides of the picture. Mine looks like this:

All you need now is your text (I’d recommend the fonts olde english or beckett for this style) and you’re all done! If you want to see how mine turned out,
Click here!

I hope this taught you something about making layouts!

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  1. Its different, new to what you normally do. I think its Ok but not the best, but still keep up the good work :)

    zOee! posted this June 12 * # Reply

  2. Thnxx

    Kshema posted this May 01 * # Reply

  3. I tired this with an old photo of a friend and I.
    Didn’t turn out half bad if I do say so myself.

    Sarah posted this July 14 * # Reply

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