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How to use Textures »

How to use Textures

I will be using this picture:

To start off this tutorial you will need to get a texture. Click here to get the texture I’m using. Or if you’d like select one from here. Now after you’ve gotten the texture, paste it on top of your picture by pressing Ctrl L. So now your image should look like this:

Now we’re going to be experimenting with layer settings. Set your layer to Screen. The texture brightens up the picture.

Now set it to Overlay

We want to get rid of the texture over Brittany’s face. So get out your Selection Tool and match your settings to mine:

Now go over Brittany’s face and press delete so that the texture is now gone.

It should now look like this:

You can also try this with different textures and settings. Be creative!

Posted 03/09/2009 - Paint Shop Pro | 6 comments


  1. Hi
    How do you set the layer to screen then overlay? its not really clear on how to do that :S
    But thanks anyways!

    S.M posted this June 22 * # Reply

  2. Hi,
    Paste it as a new layer, then go to LAYERS > PROPERTIES. Where it says Belnd mode, set it to SCREEN then OVERLAY.

    Carla posted this July 25 * # Reply

  3. Hi,

    How do you get the texture to cover the whole picture? When I post the texture, it only covers a small amount of my picture.

    Laura posted this August 15 * # Reply

  4. If you want the texture to cover the whole picture, open the texture and copy it (Ctrl + C). After you’ve done that, press Ctrl + L in order for it to cover the whole picture. I hope this helps!

    shelbi posted this March 16 * # Reply

  5. The texture won’t cover your picture if the texture is smaller than the picture you’re using.

    Victoria posted this September 16 * # Reply

  6. Thanks so much! I understand now! And Carla helped me understand the layer thingy<3

    Carissa posted this September 18 * # Reply

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