Using Scripts in PSP

This tutorial will make using psp8 much easier, trust me.

Let’s say you’re making an icon, and you do the same steps over and over again for every individual icon. Isn’t that annoying? Don’t you wish you could just press a button and it could do it all for you? Well, there’s a way!

First we’re going to use any little icon for this tutorial. Just to show you how it works.

Now, you should see something weird looking that looks like this:

If you don’t see that, go to view>toolbars>script

Now, you should see a little circle button. Click it.

Now it’s beginning to record your steps. So, make a new raster layer layers>new raster layer
Now fill it with the color #FCA204 and set it to multiply and lower the opacity to 32.
After that, make another new raster layer, fill it with the color #043FAC and set to exclusion and lower the opacity so it’s 28.

Now, go back to your script panel and click the little disk and it should ask you for your desired script name. I named mine ashlee.

Now we are going to test the script! I’m going to use a different picture now. This one:

Go back to your script program and then go through the drop down menu and look for your script, I named mine Ashlee so I’m going to look for that. When you find it, select it and press PLAY.

You should immediately see the script take action! See, that saved you some time. Especially when you want to do long things, it saves you alot of time and effort. So yea, all in all this is a great way to cut work time on tutorials, etc.

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  1. i made my first script on PSPx2. how can i put it in a file or upload it so that other people may use it?

    Jen posted this May 02 * # Reply

  2. How can i upload this script onto my website for other people to use?

    Lily posted this June 22 * # Reply

  3. Woah! This is extremely cool! I had no idea that’s what scripts were. I never tried to use them until now. I just used one I downloaded from another site. It actually does the work for you! haha. I still can’t get over how cool that is. Thanks for showing us how to make our own! That’s super helpful. Keep up the awsome work.

    Shannon posted this June 27 * # Reply

  4. I love these!
    But,I cant use them ):
    It keeps on saying that the script could not be executed. ):

    Sam posted this June 30 * # Reply

  5. that is so freaking awesome! i couldnt believe it happening before my eyes. haha

    stephanie posted this November 10 * # Reply

  6. “I love these!
    But,I cant use them ):
    It keeps on saying that the script could not be executed. ):”

    me tooooooo :(

    nicole posted this June 05 * # Reply

  7. I would really like to use scripts, but how come it’s keep saying “script cannot be executed” = [

    Skye posted this July 17 * # Reply

    Thank you so much for sharing this. :)

    Someone posted this July 22 * # Reply

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